• The Cable Guy

    The Cable Guy


    So predictable, but it’s fun to watch. The plot was intriguing, and during 96 minutes I forgot that my blood pressure was low.

  • Blood Father

    Blood Father


    I don’t know why I wasn’t able to recognize William H. Macy.
    Mel Gibson and Erin Moriarty as father and daughter was so good to watch, I loved their complicated dynamic.

  • Godzilla


    fuck godzilla. all my homies hate godzilla.

  • We Can Be Heroes

    We Can Be Heroes


    I just watched this shitty movie because of Lavagirl, at least her tiny bit of screentime was  nostalgic.

  • Thoroughbreds



    damn these two girls are crazy.

  • Before Midnight

    Before Midnight


    I couldn't be more disappointed, and I don't say that because I'm heartbroken with Jesse and Celine, with the relationship gradually ending. I say that I’m disappointed because, I became obsessed with their beautiful love story, and now in this third film, which I was afraid of seeing the end of that beautiful love story, but I was excited to see dramatic scenes, I ended up being extremely disappointed.
    Exploring that reality of many couples it was good, but I…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    taylor swift wrote exile thinking about mia and sebastian.

  • Creating The Queen's Gambit

    Creating The Queen's Gambit

    the whole show is brilliant, and i’ll admit that i really thought that was a little overrated, and when i finished the show, i could realize that i was wrong. this show isn’t overrated at all, it’s brilliant, the characters are amazing, and everything is perfect.

  • Infamous



    It’s hard to explain that this movie is actually so messy, but also a little bit entertaining. 
    Arielle is crazy, she isn’t smart at all, she doesn’t give a fuck, and she wants to be famous, and that dream is realized, but in the worst way possible. She ruined her life, and she’s happy with that.
    I won’t lie, with better writers, better productions, cinematographers and editors, this movie could be almost good.

  • Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah

    Tiffany Haddish: Black Mitzvah

    i love this woman, she’s amazing and her personality is incredible.

  • 28 Days

    28 Days


    c’mon sandra bullock i know you’re able do better than this.

  • American Wedding

    American Wedding


    After more than three years looking for this film, I finally found it on a great website, and my god I'm smiling for no reason, this film made me so happy, then I love this franchise very much, it may have it’s flaws, but I have a lot of affection for this franchise, because I watched 7 movies during my 2016, and last year I saw the ninth film, and I loved it very much, and I look forward to…