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  • Before Sunset
  • Om Shanti Om
  • The Wind Will Carry Us
  • Spider-Man 2

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  • Moonstruck


  • Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan


  • Cry Macho


  • Unforgiven


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  • The Bridges of Madison County

    The Bridges of Madison County


    The Bridges of Madison County is domestic and gentle, almost too intimate to be portrayed on camera and to be seen by so many.

    An Iowa housewife, home alone while her family travels to the Illinois State Fair, experiences four days of adventurous bliss after she meets a photographer in town to take (no, make) pictures of the famed covered bridges of Madison County for National Geographic; it’s the sketch of an escapist fantasy, but that’s not what Eastwood focuses…

  • Nomadland



    Living as a nomad means sacrifice. It comes with uncertainty and a lack of stability that’s difficult to understand for outsiders. But for nomads, it’s a trade-off that brings beauty and freedom. They carry their home in their hearts and the people they love in their memories, and for many of them, it’s enough, as they make their way from town to town through the American West.

    Nomadland is a tender look at this way of life, centering on Fern,…

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  • Moonstruck



    In Moonlight, New York City offers the scene for a cozy exploration of love. Loretta Castorini is a woman in her 30s who hides from love behind a fear of curses. Her first marriage ended tragically with her husband’s death after two years, so she insists on doing everything right. For luck. Her current fiancé doesn’t disagree. He proposes to her on one knee, with a ring, and lets her set the wedding date before flying to Sicily to care…

  • Old



    Old underwhelms. Not because it swings for the fences and falls flat on its face, but because it tries to cover mediocrity with shock. A group of tourists fall prisoners to a mysterious beach. Minutes and hours transform into months and years, and before they can realize what’s happening, the adults have wrinkles and the children have grown up. It’s an intriguing concept that seems, at first, to explore the psychological effects of aging and the rush of trying to…

Popular reviews

  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    Blue Velvet is a film of contrasts. Chilly but soothing. Ugly but beautiful. It reveals the realities that stand in between opposites, as dreaminess comes to envelop the truths at its heart.

    The suburbs, the center of contrasts. Their perfection unsettles as much as it comforts. A place where everyone knows their purpose, where everything is exactly where it should be, no interruptions, no dreams of more. The suburbs are everything one should want. And yet – or perhaps, because…

  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise


    Before Sunrise is an entryway into a pocket universe where time flows differently, and life is one crazy decision away. Two strangers on a train, Jesse and Céline, put their paths on hold to spend one night with each other. He’s going to Vienna to catch a cheap flight back home, in America, and plans to wander around the city alone until morning; she’s going to Paris because classes are starting again soon, but she’s convinced by his charming pleas…