Emma. ★★★½

Sweet, elegant and reveling in its colors and quirks, Emma. recounts a year in the life of a wealthy young woman, who learns to let go of her rigid ways and open herself up to love. The comedy here comes from the intrigue and Emma Woodhouse is the master behind it all, meddling in the lives of her every acquaintance and playing them as she sees fit.

The film is an entangled web of romance, in which it isn’t difficult to get lost, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the story (as I was), but Emma – so sure of every word she says – is a fascinating character that perfectly fits Anya Taylor-Joy’s instinctive confidence. And Taylor-Joy is simply wonderful in the role, having fun with Emma’s lack of self-awareness and conviction that she knows best.

Equally fascinating is Emma’s environment. Director Autumn de Wilde has infused every frame of Emma. with a distinct style that’s not overly flashy, but still delightfully lavish. There is no tendency to show off the fabulous costumes or production design. Instead, everything falls into place naturally, matching Emma’s own way of life and sureness of herself.

Ultimately, Emma. is a delightful watch that enchants with its cheerful atmosphere. While it does sometimes take its time, its cast and period setting give it an undeniable charm that will make its slower moments worth it.

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