Jaws ★★★★

With Spielberg at the helm and John Williams composing the score, Jaws feels both personal and like a grand adventure. The film boils down to three guys on a boat hunting a shark, but they each have a personal stake in it: Brody wants to keep his family and town safe, Hooper is an expert in sharks, while Quint is doing his job. As such, their struggle and eventual success against the shark resound.

In terms of scares, Jaws tends to rely on what is unseen. You don't see the shark attack, but you see the consequences, which are as terrifying as the town's and the authorities' ignorance. The shark himself only makes an appearance in the final act, where he is the star of a masterfully tense chase sequence, enhanced by John Williams' chilling theme. It's impressive how realistic he still looks and how well the special effects hold up.

I kept putting Jaws off, thinking it would be a boring movie about three guys on a boat, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Since I'm still in a bit of a Borat mood, I can say that finally watching Jaws was a GREAT SUCCESS!

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