Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza ★★★★½

Like a hazy memory of simpler times beginning to get complicated, Licorice Pizza takes place in limbo. Carefreeness envelops it because the future is within reach and anything can happen. But fear of the uncertain rears its head as well because the future is so close, and what if… nothing happens? What if you’re waiting forever and the future will pass you by? How can you live if you don’t know where you’re going?

Well… you find someone who does.

When Gary Valentine and Alana Kane meet, they’re different in all aspects that matter. At fifteen, Gary seems to have seized the future, between business ventures and acting gigs. The adults around him see trustworthiness in him and treat his ideas with respect, curious to hear what he has to say. At twenty-five, Alana is merely floating. She’s waiting for her life to suddenly turn around and for her path to miraculously reveal itself. Adults don’t take her seriously, and odd jobs are all she has.

Gary and Alana shouldn’t have met, but something drew them towards each other. He thinks it’s love, she thinks it’s all ridiculous, but the more time they spent together, the clearer it becomes that they weren’t meant to find each other but themselves. In each other’s eyes, they see what they can become, and together, they can take on the whole of the San Fernando Valley. Limits vanish, anxiety is replaced by possibility, and they find everything they need in the present.

Licorice Pizza takes us through their rite of passage to show that figuring it all out is a complicated and indefinite process. It so often feels aimless, messy, even pointless… but good company can make it bearable. Sometimes, it takes crossing paths with someone else to discover your own, and that means you can have some fun with it, too.

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