Skyfall ★★★★★

James Bond is a man happier dead than he is on the field. His jobs have gotten stale, time has started to leave him behind, and the woman he thought most loyal to him betrayed him. He sees no point in the shots he fires, in the cars he drives, in the suits he wears; he is but a number among numbers. The future is uncertain, on the past he never could rely… then, his world is threatened, and he pushes himself back on the field, back in the suit, holding a gun in his hand again. But his mission isn’t saving the world. This time, it’s finding purpose in a continually shifting world. It’s protecting a legacy. It’s saving himself from his past so he can build a future. All that he was, he is no longer, and all that he knew, he’ll lose forever, but for a moment, he is reminded of how much there is to fight for. Maybe the world still needs him. Maybe it will need him again.

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