The Big Chill

The Big Chill ★★★½

The Big Chill is change, tragic and sweet. Years after graduating from college, a group of friends reunite for a funeral. After the ceremony, they decide to spend the weekend together cooped up in a summer house to grieve and try to find the reason behind their friend’s suicide.

At first, they try to return to a familiar rhythm, to reassume the roles they’ve once held in their friend group while pretending that they are in happier places in their lives. Somewhere along the way, the mask begins to slip and what remains are hopes, aspirations, regrets they’d rather bury… and the discovery that their lives have changed, and the same roles don’t fit them anymore. Though they try their hardest to suppress it, grief consumes them. They grieve for their friend, for who they used to be, for who they didn’t get a chance to become. Life hasn’t turned out the way they’ve imagined. They’re different than they were in college, their dreams haven’t come true, and they feel stuck. But together, they find a piece of what they used to have.

The Big Chill may be centered on tragedy, but it never loses itself in dwelling on it. There’s a level of comfort in their aimlessness and attempts to get back on track. But more reassuring is the hope that they’ll eventually find their way back, to life and to each other.

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