American Honey

American Honey ★★★★½

this movie gave me an emotional breakdown. it reminds me so much of a time when i was on the outside. when i was naive to the ways of the world. i knew of them, but their overall weight and magnitude were unprecedented to me for a long time. and now I'm here, where that couldn't be further from the truth. this film feels like a time machine to being a kid, before high school. when american honey and we found love would play in the car and I'd sing along with my mom and things were good. only they really weren't. things were bad for my mom and i didn't understand that as a kid. at almost 18, things seem to feel worse everyday. it's like I'm reaching back to a version of myself from years ago, but he doesn't know how to see forward. this film touched me in a more profound way than most have. a definite favorite.

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