The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★★

this film is an unsettling and electrifying horror masterpiece that is equal parts horrifying as well as hilarious. a nautical and nonsensical fairy tale that captures the breeze of the seaside through a lens that is as beautiful and hypnotic as it is chilling and ferocious. robert pattinson gives willem dafoe a run for his money in terms of the performances on display in this film; which is really saying something, considering the high calibur performance from him. the cinematography is some of the most captivatingly devasting work I've ever seen in film history, and the score sends shivers down my spine in spite of its ultimate simplicity. this is a masterwork. a classic. it's a beauty to behold. a sea-shanty from another time played and reflected upon through a mirror within our own. it's perfect in every way.

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