Mulholland Drive

This movie is a bit of a punchline in my family because when my younger sister was in high school, they got to vote on a movie to watch in English class. Of course some precocious little Max Fischer twerp who had just discovered the concept of movies told them all that mulholland drive was the greatest film ever made and they just HAD to see it, IF they could handle it, and he somehow convinced the entire class and the teacher to watch this movie together over about three entire class periods. They all went in blind, including the teacher, with no context or background or syllabus tie-in, and it went about as well as you’d expect! 

Anyway my sister called me yesterday and I told her “I’m watching Mulholland Drive” and she screamed. “Well,” I said, “I agree it was a terrible choice to show to a big group of children, but it’s actually a pretty good movie.”