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  • Magnolia



    occasionally sublime, mostly hacky

  • The Sisters Brothers

    The Sisters Brothers


    so is anything made decades after a genre's heyday just "revisionist" now

  • Crazy Rich Asians

    Crazy Rich Asians


    Is this the first major Hollywood production where three dialects of Chinese are spoken?

  • Sorry to Bother You

    Sorry to Bother You


    Steven Yeun looking all *heart eyes emoji* at Tessa Thompson after her terrible performance art piece is the perfect metaphor for the praise this movie is getting

    edit: wow I had “Ken Jeong” written there instead of Steven Yuen I am racist

    edit 2: I've been scolded for misspelling Yeun's last name and Sinicizing Steven Yeun I truly am racist

  • Annihilation



    why is contemporary sci-fi shot with the worst Instagram filters it’s a movie not brunch

  • Swing Shift

    Swing Shift


    theatrical cut. wow this was a mess. holla @ me if you can hook it up with Demme’s cut.

  • A Ghost Story

    A Ghost Story


    cute but incredibly stupid

  • Dunkirk



    Half a star for Tom Hardy's eyes

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    "New Rose" is better than "Neat Neat Neat"

  • Going to Congress

    Going to Congress


    "The trouble with practical jokes is that very often they get elected."

  • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk

    Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk


    on the 120 fps: the technique itself is fine but this movie needed a better budget to pull it off. for something that's supposed to look "realistic," its sets look cheap and phony and hardly lived-in. the faux Cowboys stadium hardly feels monstrous, like the real life one (or any NFL stadium for that matter). apparently shooting it with that technique made it way too expensive for more than few takes, and it shows.

    as for the film, there's an…

  • Leviathan



    Couldn't help but think of Thom Andersen's comments about Chinatown being "history written by the victors but as usual, it is written in crocodile tears" when watching this.