Room ★★★½

This movie is part of Lise’s March Around The World 2016 Challenge. Country: Ireland

The first part of Room is emotionally powerful in its simplicity. The routine, the calmness and happiness is hurtful. Great performances. We need to see more story about this perspective, because it's difficult to understand the normality of evil.

Then, suddenly, there's the second part, with loud melodrama, unhappiness and fightings. But I'm not convinced. I feel like we're missing something out, I feel this narrative is forced to be natural, but it lacks some storytelling punctuation. It's all showed through the lens of (a normal) family drama, but it cannot be just like that – because it's not. It feels like the protagonists' perspective shifts from the Room to the House, but that's not what happens. The World is sometimes included in this narrative, only when it's convenient, though.

Also, I think the ending was a bit rushed: even if the last scene was emotional and to the point, it felt incomplete (and not entirely on purpose).

Bechdel-Wallace test: pass