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  • Damned If You Don't

    Damned If You Don't


    I like the way Su Friedrich layers images, words and music. They are related, but not in a continuous-timeline narrative. The themes and meaning emerge as they are combined in the mind of the viewer. There, they either dovetail or repel each other to provide a resonance that is unique to each individual. Friedrich maintains control through choosing images, but she does so with a gentle hand. Great film.

  • Seeing Red

    Seeing Red


    Seeing Red is Su Friedrich's meditation on observation, anger, aging, self-examination and the eternal internal dialogue. It is about seeing ourselves, but also about seeing the world and how we move around in it. The camera alternates between her speaking (while we see her red-clad torso) and outdoor shots of seeking the color red in what I presume to be her neighborhood. Bach is played over the outdoor scenes. While much of her work has roots in autobiography, this film…

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  • A Short Film About Love

    A Short Film About Love


    This is a short film about what love is not: women as observed sex object; women catering to solipsistic male sex fantasies; tolerance for stalking and sexual harassment; the assumption that women yearn for any attention no matter how harmful. The film is worth watching for Kieslowski's skillful use of composition, lighting and color but it is a study of dated values that have been challenged by feminist ideology and gender politics.

  • Electra, My Love

    Electra, My Love


    In 1974, an unrelenting brownness was spreading across the world. Natural was the password and organic was becoming more than a branch of chemistry. The Marxist ideologies of 1968 were still in the air. Hippiedom was on its deathbed but still breathing as it became co-opted and institutionalized. A disillusioned baby boom generation was settling for tweed, corduroy and shag haircuts. Still looking for answers, our eyes settled on the perceived values of pre-industrial cultures to salve the atrocities of…