Seeing Red ★★★★½

Seeing Red is Su Friedrich's meditation on observation, anger, aging, self-examination and the eternal internal dialogue. It is about seeing ourselves, but also about seeing the world and how we move around in it. The camera alternates between her speaking (while we see her red-clad torso) and outdoor shots of seeking the color red in what I presume to be her neighborhood. Bach is played over the outdoor scenes. While much of her work has roots in autobiography, this film seemed more confessional and personal than the others. She refers specifically to incidents in her life, her favorite poetry and to entries in her diary. Red does not exist in a vacuum. A color will always make a reference and many are explored in this film. But "seeing red" is one term we use for anger and this floats gently to the top in much of her monologue. I related to so much of what she had to say about motivation and creativity. I also liked her very much. Highly recommend.