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  • Confidence



    When I see a film like this I always put a lot of faith in it long before I see it, I imagine in my head that it can be great but in the end either they leave me a big surprise or they end up leaving me a disappointment. But Confidence is for me perhaps for the first time (?) one of those films that leave me in a feeling between because I really like it, it's really a…

  • Cold War

    Cold War


    I hope that I can express in this writing (and not be short of words) all that my heart and my head think about this film since these are worth at least for me (and I hope that also those who read it will like it). I loved this film for the first time and I think it deserves to have a review written by me so that I can contribute my little grain of sand. Its a love at…

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  • Celia



    Coming of Age films can be unique in their proposals, but this one brought from Australia can be something strange for many. It is certainly not the typical film that tells us about a person's childhood.

    From the moment it begins to bring out its true colors because it has layers of Psychological Drama, Fantasy and Horror that makes Celia a kind of different experience in film terms. I would consider it an unclassifiable film (a very similar case to…

  • In My Father's Den

    In My Father's Den


    In My Father's Den would have been (apart from Dark Stories 2) the first and last film directed by Brad McGann, a pity he left this world so soon as his talent was stipulated in this film, it would have been interesting to see and know what else he could have contributed to the film world.

    What I love more about this one is his sober scenes, neat photography, peaceful aesthetics, so painstaking that it takes his time to tell…

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  • All About My Mother

    All About My Mother


    In 1999 Pedro Almodóvar proves that he has something more to offer in the cinema world. All About My Mother is a kind of bridge to himself as it cleverly shows a before and after in his filmography, between the kitsch/campy and the more serious/retrospective with an artistic quality that he would offer from this film although I must say that this one here still speaks of that melodramatic aura & LGBT winks of his early films. To be honest, I…

  • Climax



    Lately, Gaspar Noé has been making more modernist films adapted to the tastes of today's audiences, a case similar to this new kind of French trend that has become relevant in recent years, as in the case of Raw (2016). The film is the infallible formula in which Noé always has accustomed us to show how to vary things, a clear example is the beginning with the end because he knows that what matters the least from this is that…