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  • A Million Little Pieces

    A Million Little Pieces


    Sam Taylor-Johnson's third feature film presents us with a story of self-improvement of a young drug and alcohol addict who, after an accident, goes to a rehabilitation center in Minnesota for six weeks. His brother, a therapist, and a patient will be in charge of recovering this unfortunate man to save him from his self-destructive spiral. In this journey of self-improvement, James, the protagonist, must reclaim his freedom as well as his recovery with the help of love, friendship, and…

  • Memories


    I'm quite astonished by myself, I had never had the opportunity to see this anthology film before (which is rare for me because I like this kind of films) and I didn't do it because I thought it would be one of those typical bland science fiction action films without being special or unique that were made in Japan during the '90s and I imagined that I would never like it, so I avoided it but these weeks of much…

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  • First Round Down

    First Round Down


    Before I start this review I want to tell everyone who has read me since all this time that this will be for now my last review written here in Letterboxd, because I've been back to work for the past month and there is little time to watch movies, it has been a bit complicated for me to do it but I made a commitment that I would write about several of them that I already had pending. I dedicate…

  • Devotion



    You don't know how much I wanted to write about this film. I know about it through Letterboxd and since I read the synopsis I was hooked and I was determined to see it at all costs to the extent that I was looking for it for several months in torrents and stream websites until last week I finally found it and it even came with English subtitles which for me is already a great gain.

    Devot opens on a…

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  • Whiplash


    Whiplash is for me a living proof of why we should never stop believing in cinema, as pretentious as we may think it was the decade of 2010' there will always be great stories all over the world that are there but that we may not have noticed and we must dig for them and this is one of them.

    A film that tells us about the dark, dirty and decadent side of fame in the purest and same style…

  • Cold War

    Cold War

    I hope that I can express in this writing (and not be short of words) all that my heart and my head think about this film since these are worth at least for me (and I hope that also those who read it will like it). I loved this film for the first time and I think it deserves to have a review written by me so that I can contribute my little grain of sand. Its a love at…