Holy Motors

Holy Motors ★★★½

Thanks to the cinema people have the enormous freedom to take it as we wish, to see what we want to see and to know about it. Many people will know that I have written some reviews here about several surrealist films, it is in itself a risky genre where what you are seeing may or may not like you, and may become pretentious or hipster for some. I, for my part, would not name this one in any negative way. I have seen my own experimental or non-experimental films that are so superb that they are not my total liking but Leos Carax has made a film that is not at all annoying. Having the opportunity to make a movie of his own is something that few people can afford, and Holy Motors is proof of that.

In it we see a risky cinema inside cinema (or maybe not?) where Denis Lavant plays different life stories, each one of them relieves part of his true being and leads us to different passages of each one with characters that are so well constructed, which can be ours easily, my favorite of all is where Kylie Minogue appears, it's so sad & charming at the same time. A very timeless film that for me will never age and will prevail as a cult work. I made three and a half-rate because after gives a good mood its hard to put a film like this one in a category or tag of "masterpiece" if someone prefers that it's ok to me, don't have a problem, really respect that but Holy Motors like a lot of Experimental/Surrealist films tend to be 50/50, they are or so good or so bad, but IMHO are hard to become a favorite of mine.

Of all the films that Carax has directed, this is perhaps the one that has given me the warmest feeling. Holy Motors Its freestyle surrealism at its most epitome for sure.

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