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  • The Thing
  • Before Sunrise
  • What We Do in the Shadows
  • The Witch

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  • The Lost Daughter


  • Scream 4


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  • King Richard

    King Richard


    I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about sport movies that just get the waterworks flowing.

    … even though I never watch or have any interest in sports.

  • Spencer



    It seems that Kristen Stewart is unable to get out a single sentence that isn’t clipped. Every sentence is said in the exact same cadence as the last, but this time she has a British accent in which she says everything in a breathy loud whisper.

Popular reviews

  • American Son

    American Son

    Toronto International Film Festival - Film #13

    Before the screening, the director said, “I can’t believe we filmed this entire thing in just four and a half days.” After watching it, that statement was extremely believable. Everything’s shot in one location - one room specifically - but the shots are so bland and there's nothing on screen to draw you in. The characters are entirely one-note and are constantly repeating the same thing over and over again for the entire…

  • The Spy Who Dumped Me

    The Spy Who Dumped Me

    The Spy Who Dumped Me has solidified the fact that I am not a fan of Kate McKinnon. I was fine with her in small doses, but as a co-lead, she becomes more overtly annoying. It’s the same character she plays in everything, a overly quirky person whose only characteristic is that she’s quirky and strange. 

    The film itself other than that, is just non-stop chase and action sequences that are unimpressive, unlike John Wick or other good action films…