Computer Chess ★★★★

I'm going to begin by quoting myself, which I feel ok doing because the line in question is one of those things that you don't know you know until you hear yourself saying it, so it's like quoting another person. (That phenomenon is also a secondary subject of my observation.)

I was participating in a panel discussion after a screening of DR STRANGELOVE at the Doomsday Film Festival, and remember saying something like, any dystopia we can imagine (or create) (or both) will be ours, will reflect us, reflect what we're capable of doing in to the world.

But, I should have added, not necessarily in predictable ways.

Programs for artificial intelligence will be coded by fallible human beings. It is incorrect to presume that "the machines eventually become self-aware" when the people who made them are so clearly not. Digital image capture will be likewise glitchy; digital simulacra of reality will feature tonally offbeat sequences and odd edits.

(Further reading: an article [ by a former chess champion, about computer chess, touching on COMPUTER CHESS), A.I., and Gilbert Ryle's CONCEPT OF THE MIND, the book which coined the phrase "the ghost in the machine" as a sarcastic summation of Cartesian dualism.)