Manhunter ★★★★½

"Watching Manhunter returned me to a state as animalistic as childhood, hearing the sound of adult voices in the next room. The backstory is elaborate and the exposition oblique: it seems we’ve started somewhere in the middle, and have to catch up, and baroque motifs, like the Tooth Fairy’s love of William Blake’s “The Tyger,” arise from nowhere. The dialogue is murmured, or echoing. The lighting scheme color-codes aggressively: cold nocturnal blues for the murder houses, like the light from a TV hitting the walls after everyone has gone to bed; in FBI headquarters and Lecktor’s cell, a white so bright it hurts your eyes; lurid shades of red and green in the Tooth Fairy’s lair. It’s a quarantine aesthetic: every room is its own headspace, its own world."

More at Reverse Shot, as part of a "Connected" feature with the great Tayler Montague on SAMBIZANGA:

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