Trainspotting ★★★½

Although I have owned both discs of the soundtrack for no fewer than twelve (12) years, no, I'd never seen it; on a perhaps related note, it took me at least an hour to realize that the film has a vaguely period setting, in the tail end of the 80s rather than in Cool Britannia. This is more rather than less reinforced by the fact that Boyle's "music video style" is less a matter of editing rhythm than of slightly handmade-seeming setpiece gimmicks like chapters on one of the Palm Pictures Directors Label DVDs.

Good on him, it's a better time capsule this way, and Boyle already did the Thatcher-Major transition years definitively in his rave-culture episode of 'Inspector Morse.'

Anyway, hoo boy is this an abridgement of a novel.