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This review may contain spoilers.

I'm thinking of giving this 5 stars in the future despite some tried and true horror plot holes, but I've read that people are finding all sorts of nuggets on rewatches similar to Get Out. Because Us is a modern horror I've been waiting for since the 80's.

Fitting, since it revolves around a demonstration of peace in good!old 1986, the year of my birth.

Us is made for general horror audiences, for Normals, but it's strange, it's moody, weird, it's off and artistic. And you can make a unique film for the general audience, it's just that Hollywood had stopped making them. They made Seven and stopped because Scream, god bless it's soul, took off and Hollywood was like 'that's it, Saw can come too, y'all like Annabelle?'.

But weird is back and quality is back and untold tales are back, and I'm so proud of Jordan for using his place in Hollywood to say 'yes I can make something real and great'.

So there's a family that's calm and sweet and genuinely perfect, and they meet their white friends at the beach that they've known for years and they're tolerable, at least one husband thinks the other husband is, and then like superheroes they survive each wave of the red chain.

But it's not their fault right? These tethered people are REAL people forced to move when we move, so yeah plot holes aside, Red is forced to have a straight up cesarean section in the beige hall. Every Tethered is covered in scars.

I want to see this again as soon as possible, because the lightening storm off the shore is so mysterious, and after all is said and done, we should have been rooting for Red. No, the point is that Adelaide and Red both deserved a good life. Apply this to all people. And you know what? Lotta rabbits in this film, lets just apply this to all rabbits, pigs, monkeys, rats, and any other living being that's been Used.

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