Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★

I'd be lying if I said this movie completely blew me away, but Emerald Fennell's debut feature kept me fixated from beginning to end. Strongly bolstered by a typically phenomenal Carey Mulligan performance, it's a fascinating and utterly ruthless perspective on something we shamefully still struggle to adequately address as a society. The film's strengths are all in its writing and its cast, most notably Bo Burnham proving himself to be one of the most under-appreciated individuals in the industry at the moment.

Fennell's directorial inexperience definitely shows however. The tone for a film like this is borderline impossible to get right, and I felt that struggle consistently throughout. The camerawork often felt uninspired, but there was certainly some compositions that were eye-catching from time to time. The editing was especially solid, in both the visual and aural departments and definitely went in a long way in elevating this film into something that can be appreciated even by those who find its story hard to connect to.

I wouldn't call it one of the very best of the year by any means, but certainly a film worth watching, without a doubt.

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