RoboCop ★★★★★

"I'd buy that for a dollar!"

Makes me wish Paul Verhoeven would return to Hollywood. He always swam upstream against the Hollywood conservatism, drenching his films in bucket loads of ultra violence, pitch black humour, political satire and gratutious sexuality. Robocop is no exception, it may look a bit dated as some of the stop-motion animation is quite dodgy, especially on an unimpressive Blu-ray transfer but its content is more relavant than ever. Peter Weller will always be one of Hollywood's greatest unsung movie heroes and his make up is still stunning to this day thanks to the immense talent of Rob Bottin. Basil Poledouris' (R.I.P.) score is tremendous as always and Verhoeven's direction is relentlessly sharp and intelligent.

This is maverick and bold filmmaking that Hollywood doesn't have the balls to make anymore but Verhoeven's legacy still lingers that no remake could ever wish to emulate. Fucking amazing!

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