Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Okay I've said this for so many MCU films now, but this films just so much fun and exactly what I want a MCU film to be. And just like Ant man and ant man and the wasp, this film really has the same pros and cons that Homecoming has. They're both just fun and semi small scale films that feel more personal to these characters. Which now that I've rewatched this and Homecoming, Tom's definitely my favorite live action Spidey, he definitely gives the best performance of the three main actors and he just has this likeable charm he brings to the character. This film also has it's amazing score composed by Michael Giacchino, which I still love Mysterios theme, one of my favorite antagonists themes ever actually.

Also something I've seen a lot of complaints about is the CGI and how they use it too much, which I disagree with. They use a lot of CGI, sure, but who honestly cares if you cant tell its cgi till someone on reddit points it out. Also ik I didnt really name negatives this time around, I'm just in a positive mood. But there's just things that dont make sense, and this film has its dumb moments. But I just enjoy it too much to care really.

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