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This review may contain spoilers.

"I am going home to my mother. I need a cuddle."

A very strange film but immensely enjoyable nonetheless. The performances were great, there was quite a few laugh out loud moments, and some very very pretty images. I loved the soundtrack and how the lyrics of iconic songs were sung in German, really suited the tone of the film by being both sort of light-hearted and friendly, but also jarring and unfamiliar. I think it manages to balance this tone quite well, no small feat for a comedy set in 1945 Germany.

For me, the emotional moments didnt quite land as hard as they seemed to want to, which is surely due to the absurd humour that stitches together every scene. The first act also kind of dragged while I was trying to figure out how the film was approaching its subject matter, which in the end amounted to the film kind of saying haha werent the Nazis a bit ridiculous altogether which doesnt really sit all that well with me as a strong enough message but hey, at the end of the day they can be as irreverent as they want - it was a funny pisstake of some horrible people - and Waititi has made an enjoyable and memorable movie.

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1.85 : 1
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