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  • Galaxy of Terror

    Galaxy of Terror


    SHOCKTOBER 2021 #13

    Opened 40 years ago next week. An oddball ALIEN ripoff with elements that prefigure EVENT HORIZON, GALAXY OF TERROR is remembered most for a tacky and still shocking scene where a nude, slime-covered female astronaut is raped by a giant space maggot. It was added over the objections of director Bruce Clark, and depending on who's telling the story, that particular scene was directed either by producer Roger Corman or by second-unit director and production designer James…

  • Nightmare



    SHOCKTOBER 2021 #12

    Opened 40 years ago next week. One of the most notorious slasher films of the early '80s, the NYC and Daytona-shot NIGHTMARE is every bit as blood-splattered as its reputation, but its chief accomplishment is its remarkable level of sleaze and grime. The effects--long-rumored to be the work of Tom Savini, and some photos put him on the set at some point during production, but he claims he just gave some advice and went on his way.…

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  • Eaten Alive

    Eaten Alive


    Tobe Hooper's follow-up to his phenomenal breakout success with 1974's THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE might be, in hindsight, the bridge between that grim first film and the black comedy of the belated 1986 sequel THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE PART 2. EATEN ALIVE is a strange and often aggressively unpleasant masterpiece of claustrophobic madness, with Hooper deliberately using obvious soundstages, garish lighting, and a bizarre, squealing, screeching, ringing, clanging synthesizer score to convey an unsettling sense of swelter, suffocation, and terror.…