Eternals ★★★★½

Eternals is now one of my favorite MCU movies, as it feels more meaningful to me than pretty much the rest of the franchise. There are flaws with the execution of its ideas, the tonal inconsistensies make it feel a little messy, and not all the characters are as likable as they probably should be, but the thought-provoking themes, amazing worldbuilding and beautiful moments of humanity make up for those issues for me!

The movie takes up big ideas like purpose, free will vs. determinism, morality, life and death, love and hate, and more, which drive the plot and characters, as well as the emotions and thoughts I get from it. It's unlike anything else in the MCU, while still feeling like a part of the franchise due to the humor and action! The visuals are stunning, the unconventional structure makes it more interesting, and the score is great too. My favorite characters are Sersi, Makkari and Phastos, who I all love!

It's not one of my favorite movies, but I appreciate so much of what it's going for! It brings moral ambiguity, cosmic worldbuilding and character conflicts rooted in values to the MCU, among other things. I can imagine a slightly better version of this movie existing, but I think the story and themes are compelling enough to justify loving it, and in some way, its flaws makes it feel more human as well!

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