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  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    The plot, what little there is of one, is very Lovecraftian - endless flight through a seaside town, followers of an obscure sect pursuing you even in your sleep, locked up safe in your motel. But there's an overriding voice that is reminiscent of Shirley Jackson - events taking on intimate, sinister undertones that echo and echo through claustrophobic domesticity just starting to sprawl out into a post-war infinity.

    Here, we arrive at that same gas station twenty some odd…

  • Critters



    So...this may sound like midlife crisis crazy talk, but I've had it with here/where my life is at right now, and so I've come to a very important decision on where my journey is taking me:

    Grovers Bend, Kansas.

    I am serious. It looks amazing. I want E.T's mom to be my mom. I wouldn't even mind having to live on a farm because I would have an awkward Billy Zane to tell me about what life is like in…

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  • Critters 2

    Critters 2


    See? Told u they'd make rebuilding that 'gay people are the worst' church top priority in Grovers Bend. We await the great second coming of Khloe, who, as promised by me in that other weird review, wilst purge Grovers Bend of it's sins.

  • Prison



    So it's an especially off night when I don't like a movie someone reccommends; I feel like...weirdly guilty?

    Maybe it's prison movies in general, I barely liked the John Saxon, and was relieved they brought in some nudity and mad scientists even if that made no sense? To be fair, the kill scenes are like that here, especially that one, like that was some insane shit.

    But there's so much uhhh droning and clique-y politics and such. It was hard…

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  • Blacula



    I was saving this for a day when I needed a bit of cheering up and it did not disappoint. Honestly, it took me until the homophobic slur to realize the two were a gay caricature. I just thought they were starting a band and needed some cool props. Sometimes I am dumb. Other than that, I can genuinely say I'm looking forward to the sequel. Plus, I really loved the score.

    70s horror # 124! 🐲🐲🐲