Alien ★★★★★

There are a lot of horror movies I just watch, either for fun or to unwind. This is not one of them. A lot of horrors will quickly move through a group leaving only one survivor, yet every kill relieves a bit of tension. It helps that in a lot of the movies I watch, the kills are brief, sometimes nearly instantaneous. The camera moves quickly from kill shot to a blank, unseeing stare. It's over now, for that victim. On to the next. And while the idea of something inside either transforming or killing you is not new, the horrific gestation envisioned in Alien is possibly the worst - a lingering death which draws you in closer and closer. As the crew is killed off, instead of distilling the despair and inevitability of your own demise, you are progressively more bereft, stewing in the fact of it alone, until you would do anything to leave that ship. Yet, even that escape is denied you, becoming a final, unendurable suffocation. Contemplating what it would be like to drift out there in complete isolation, the tag becomes a cold and profound truth about the process and nature of dying and death and not just a clever line to sell movie tickets. Still utterly terrifying.

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