Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

Decided to watch this after all. I could order a pair of (old school) 3D glasses someday but...I don't know.

Next time, maybe.

One thing I am really finding to like about these which is absent in the NOES movies (with the exception of Kincaid's dog bringing Freddy back by urinating on him) is there are almost always animals in these movies which are usually the last interaction that the person has in life before getting hideously murdered. I especially liked the girl in seven who didn't realize the cat getting the f out of dodge was a portent of her eminent doom! (I mean, I know from the doc that they killed that one snake and that was not cool but I like how otherwise the animals always make it through even if the humans don't fare so well.) It makes me feel a lot better about certain...things that are going on right now and at least if we all get nuked my cats will be able to eat my eyeballs/face before probably starving to death anyway but who knows! Animals are resourceful and they know how not to get themselves killed.

Yeah, yeah, we get it! You've warned thee-I mean, us.

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