King Kong

King Kong ★★★★★

I had actually never seen this. I got this at the thrift store (the 40 year anniversary happy birthday Kong! edition) but haven't really been in the mood?

Weirdly, in the last dumbass movie I watched, the swindling movie guy has a model in the office (of King Kong) and keeps yelling at everyone for touching it, and tries to swindle Jill Whitlow (I guess she and main jerk Russ were in Night of the Creeps together? It's been a really long time since I've seen that. Badly needs a rewatch) into being in his movie and he's telling her the plot of this and she smiles and says,

'Yeah, I know the story.'

And he sneers, 'everyone knows the story. But this one will have a twist.'

Ugh, barf. But I know what he means. At one point, I was trying to figure out/remember how to insert photos into a blog...even saying this makes me feel like I' what is this, 2005? I never have any luck with blogs but as a writer, feel compelled to have one anyway. Boo. Anyway, I realized I maybe hadn't been paying 1000% attention? And I was like 'wait, how is Kong now in NYC' and a part of my brain was like, 'he was on display in the lobby during the premiere.'

Of course, that isn't right like, at all? I just checked the wiki and...but well, close enough? My point being, this is ingrained into our collective thought cloud of pop culture consciousness for a good reason. A technical wonder at the time of it's release, the climb to the top of the tower is iconic.

And sorry, but I keep thinking 'why doesn't she just run off with Kong like, instead of the captain who hates women and didn't want her on his boat in the first place, but as long as I'm being forced to have you on my boat...' dot dot dot. Bleghch. Kong is way sexier. Tho, like, I guess there's obvious problems with consent.

There was an ad for a Universal Remote at the beginning of the tape and I literally just had a moment where I was trying to turn the movie off with the remote to my other vcr/dvd combo player that was exactly like the guy in the ad minus the fist shaking and making a rocket launcher to operate the buttons of the tv/ or vcr after losing one of your 9000 remotes. Like, It's relatable because it's so true to life!

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