The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★★

Liked it even better this time...I think as much as the original? The sequel feels like this fun, vicious lashing out by Hooper at everything within easy reach with a hammer...which appeals because have you met me? Not even sure I can use the assessment that 'well of course the original is better but this is more fun?'

Sort of? I think parts of this are more watchable because it's funny in that mean way (the shark guy during the 'station tour' for example) but then parts of it really really aren't and it's too late to get out so that feels intentional and almost brilliant? I'm tired of the backlash against 'meta' horror we're seeing now. Having a film be 'more subtle' is almost the easier route, and you don't risk as much so to me that's often less endearing...I don't want to say boring but almost?

Yeah, yeah, so I don't know what I'm trying to say, other than I really appreciate how this riffs off of not just itself (and how even more seriously people take the original as not just a horror movie masterpiece but a 'real' piece of cinema, an opinion that always comes off as condescending to me) but 80's horror movie goofiness in general, luring you in with cartoon nonsense until you realize wait this shit is for real and it's too late to claw your way out again. So many details to love. Hopper is hilarious here. The setting is just absurd. What happens when the matriarch finally gives out under all that nastiness and you just have a bunch of idiots yelling random shit in a carnival. Even the stuff that is probably unintentional.

The cover says it all and is funnier than the entire movie and the movie is pretty funny. Or I've become so misanthropic the only thing that can cheer me up is blatant middle-finger waving. Whatever, I don't care! restating my sort of point: the original is so unsettling (to me) and unrelenting and brutal, I never want to go back to that house but because of some self referential mean humor I'll willingly be led somewhere much, much worse. Not going to think about what that says about me, nope!

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