The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★

A stylistic exercise at a lighthouse at the end of the world. An impressive array of camera angles are deployed for maximum grayscale gothic dread, a descent into madness telegraphed but mysterious still, narratively scattershot and structurally unmoored which is odd because we’re not out to sea. It gestures wildly at history and character and labor but doesn’t follow through on any of those things, instead a film of grimaces and giggles and beans spilled, of paranoia and loneliness, of shifting accents and actors lost in a world they don’t understand (don’t worry the audience doesn’t either). It’s got nothing on the mud and madness of certain other films this decade (*cough* *spit* Hard to be a God) but for Eggers it is an upgrade from his debut, and I hope a talented novelist comes into his life soon.

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