Spotlight ★★★★

When I reviewed The Big Short I said how important films like that are because of their subject matter. Because they take an issue that seems complicated and lay it out in a way that viewers (and society as a whole) can filter and understand. Now, imagine taking on the biggest controversial issue of all: the Catholic Church aiding the molestation of children, and hoping people will comprehend its true nature. I think, especially with media, a lot of vital information gets lost in people creating their own versions of the story. Facts get lost or twisted as gossip and shock take over. So, to have a film lay out what really happened during a time where everyone had their own ideas and massive difference of opinion is essential.

In all honesty, Spotlight, as far as cinema is concerned, is nothing special. It's subject matter and the presentation of said subject matter is what makes it worth the watch, and what ultimately gave this film its Best Picture win.