ohno! it does not move me
even though i've seen the movie

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  • Strange Way of Life

    Strange Way of Life


    this is very good but i really don't understand what almodóvar means when he says that "what it has that most westerns don't have is the kind of dialogue that I don't think a western film has ever captured between two men". men talk to each other like this in like every ford movie, i don't mean this as a joke, they have these exact same relationships, this is how john wayne talks.

  • Sorcerer



    i also liked the sheriff's anxious dream sequence, where he keeps putting a two-inch high man in jail, and the tiny man keeps walking out, in between bars. after a sleepless night he's awoken by the phone. there's a sniper in the university tower. the sheriff stands before the bathroom mirror. drops of visine are careening down his face. they are cold and clear and i can count them down my rifle scope.

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    reddit miserabilism, peak incel cinema, third feature and kaufman still can't direct to save his life, his idea of horror is making vaguely mentally ill characters scream a lot in rural areas, when a character forgets where they are multiple times in a scene then that's comedy and when they say they hear voices that's supposed to build tension, the montage looks like a papa johns commercial, the netflix a24 algorithm has now spread all over the world and it…

  • Mank



    if you search "classic hollywood" in netflix it redirects you to forrest gump.