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Is it weird to say that we have a fun Martin Scorsese flick?

Fun isn't the word to describe most Scorsese flicks, which are great, but are more somber, bleaker, and cynical in nature compared to After Hours, which is a lighthearted dark comedy with an extra spring in its step. The movie ventured into weird, bonkers territory, some of which is quite dark, but Scorsese hearkens back to classic screwball and leaves us with a wild and crazy ride that is definitely worth watching.

The cast in this film really sells Scorsese's direction, and are the very reason this film succeeds, especially the supporting cast, who just freaking embrace the direction, like Teri Garr, Catherine O'Hara, and Cheech and Chong. While Paul isn't a character to write home about, Griffin Dunne is still a remarkable lead and Rosanna Arquette nails the mystery girl role that I dare not spoil the big payoff.

Some regard this as a masterpiece; I'm not going THAT high, because you can't compare this with GoodFellas or Taxi Driver. Also, I wished Paul had more of an arc instead of just being the every guy who doesn't really learn anything. But if you want to see Martin Scorsese out of his comfort zone and actually direct something flipping funny, then After Hours is a movie for you, and it absolutely works in its favor.

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