Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

100 Movies First Time Challenge 2020 #14


Before Midnight, while personally my least favorite of the three, is still a fitting and worthy conclusion to the Before trilogy that I'm glad I finally took the time to give these romantic movies a chance. It still has the engaging dialogue, the excellent chemistry of the two leads, and gorgeous cinematography throughout, but what elevates Midnight is you see the leads in a different position (marriage) and the challenges that come from their newfound commitment mixed with the problems established in the previous two films.

While Midnight has the biggest pacing issues of the three (I would have cut the dinner conversation with the neighbors because I felt it cheapened the minimalistic approach the other two had), but when the film focused on Jesse and Celine, that's when the movie's magic shined, with quality acting, engaging dialogue, and a very satisfying conclusion that compliments its predecessors nicely.

If you've never watched the Before trilogy, they're a fantastic set together and I highly recommend all of them for their sharp honesty and brilliant writing!

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