Upgrade ★★★★


Yep, the critics were right on this one; Upgrade truly was a pleasant surprise.

It's one of those movies where the trailers were so unimpressive and forgettable, but when you see the final product, it's actually surprisingly impressive and fun to watch.

Going into this movie, I wasn't sure how the film would go down, as the movie did have a campy vibe and the acting felt stilted because of its smaller production values compared to most modern action films. I wasn't really buying into Logan Marshall-Green's character at first and it took a while for the movie to take off.

But once our main protagonist (Green) gets that technology implanted in his body, the movie becomes a smart and stylish action thriller, one that is a nonstop thrill ride up until the credits roll. Even Green, since he's playing a character that succumbs to a computer controlling his thoughts and actions, the staleness of Green's performance actually works to his advantage. The film mixes brutal, stylish action, social commentary involving technology, and dark humor to a tee, and because of the duality of our lead character interacting with another figure controlling his mind, Upgrade feels like the Venom movie we should have got, a movie that's sly, brutally violent, and highly entertaining in its payoff.

The less said of sanitized PG-13 Venom, the better...

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