Inside Llewyn Davis ★★★½

Inside Llewyn Davis was one of the very few ''to see'' movies from 2013 I had yet finally see and what do I have to say about it? Well.. It has to be one of the best movies I've seen that I didn't really love. I don't think I even liked it that much. It may sound strange giving a 3.5 star rating to a movie you didn't even like, but yeah, this is a tough one.. On the technical side the movie is absolutely brilliant, so extremely well made, nothing less than expected from the Coen brothers, but there's just so much melancholia filled in here that it is really hard to like and get excited about.

I don't think I have anything else to contribute with here other than just saying the usual; The cinematography is fantastic, and I mean REALLY fantastic, it's so clear, but yet it feels so gloomy and dew-like with all the gray that's just adding to the melancholia. The songs are absolutely wonderful. Nothing but great acting, though I'm surprised to see how small everyone's part is except Oscar Isaac as Llewyn Davis obviously. Carey Mulligan is just great, such a sweet, lovely and innocent person in real life and in many of her other roles, so it was very different to see her being a complete bitch that felt like if she was on her period 24/7. Got to mention John Goodman as well, yeah he is often just playing ''himself'', but he is still a very good actor that never really seems to get the credit he deserves, in here there's a lot of dark humor within his character. The film is filled with a huge amount of symbolism, and I'll be sure to read upon that before I watch it the next time, hopefully I'll be able to enjoy it more then, 'cause it's really a great film, but there's just so much beneath the surface here that I'll hopefully see and understand on my next viewing. I hope I'll be able to write more about it then.

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