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  • if....
  • Johnny Got His Gun
  • Céline and Julie Go Boating
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  • Murder Mystery 2


  • Clerks III


  • Tight Spot


  • Idiots Deluxe

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  • Ambulance



    Stunning sequence in the Los Angeles River!

  • Between Midnight and Dawn

    Between Midnight and Dawn


    I didn’t expect this to be so brutal: an opening arrest where a fleeing suspect dives through a glass door; a high speed car chase; drive by assassinations; and a climactic shoot out complete with child hostage and bloody gunshot wounds. Also a fun and slightly twisted buddy cop / love triangle dynamic where two cops date the same woman (the daughter of a lieutenant killed on duty who’s sworn off dating cops) at the same time… literally. As in they both go on the same dates with her at the same time.

Popular reviews

  • Wanted



    0% logic. 100% awesome.

    Also, Morgan Freeman saying "shoot this motherfucker."

  • Withnail & I

    Withnail & I


    I like my substance abuse surrounded by dry British humour (though I'm not really a fan of Trainspotting). Withnail & I is full of narcissism, paranoia and gleeful disobedience but also a sense of despair - an understanding this lifestyle is unsustainable and self-destructive - adding the pathos that makes a comedy last. You can tell it was based on real experiences (of the writer-director, Bruce Robinson, who hasn't done that many films, but I really need to check out How…