Killer Joe ★★★★

Pretty great neo-noir. Sordid is the word for it. Very sordid. What Killing Them Softly did for financial institutions, this does for the American family: exposes it as corrupt and sick to its very core. There's nothing redeemable about anyone or anything, innocence is sold and destroyed at an early age. This does make it an uncomfortable watch, but it's impressive how uncompromising Friedkin can be, even in his late 70s. Also impressive is the digital cinematography (by five-time Oscar nominee Caleb Deschanel) - each frame is almost painted in blue rainy nights, bright neon, sweat glistening off an actor's face. And the performances are great as are, surprisingly, the Southern accents. Thomas Haden Church is almost unrecognisable, Emile Hirsch is good, Matthew McConaughey is insanely intense and worlds away from rom-com territory, Juno Temple is also great. The darkest of dark comedies; I thought the ending was amazing.

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