All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★½

All that's left separating us from an armistice is false pride.

First time watching.


*Road to the Oscars 2023.

+ Teenager Paul Bäumer (Felix Kammerer), along with his friends voluntarily enlist in the German army during World War I, riding a wave of patriotic fervour that soon quicky dissipates once they come to face the realities of what life is actually like on the front line.

Netflix decided to bring modern audiences an more up to date version of the classic anti-war novel, along it being an remake of the 1930 best picture winner (Which I will definitely check out!) and the 1979 TV-movie both of the same name. And in many ways, I wished I saw this as soon it was dropped onto Netflix late last year I just never found the right opportunity to do so. But with the Oscars literally right around the corner, it was the perfect time.

The quicker I realised that it's was being dubbed, having it in German and having the English subtitles on made the film more impactful as an viewer.

This comes during the actual war sequences that takes place throughout the film. Only 'Saving Private Ryan' I believe had more of an realistic feel for its battle scenes than this. Netflix definitely paid the big bucks to bring this moments alive. One sequence during the crater with Paul and another soldier will definitely stay with me for an very long time. That all I'm saying about that.... 👀

The sound, the editing (especially during the big battle scenes), the production design, the music - all great.

I just wished the pacing was handled better, I definitely felt the runtime, and at certain parts I wasn't engaged fully as I really wanted to been.

This does feel like an film you'll only watch once, given how bleak it truly is.

'All Quiet On The Western Front' is depressing, tense, moving, bloody and gut wrenching. It's an technical marvel with some of the greatest and most realistic battle scenes ever put on camera showing the unflinching wastefulness and the horrors of war. I just wished it didn't have an pacing issue which dragged the rating down.



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