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This review may contain spoilers.

Fincher please stop making these masterpieces I’m running out of words to describe your films... 

Yeah, as I’ve just said this is a god dam masterpiece from the legend himself! I loved every flipping second of this 2hrs 30mins film. 

As with most of Fincher’s filmography, this one is yet again about a psychopath; only this time it involves a broken marriage going downhill...

Rosamund Pike is crazy in this, she is the psychopath! She made herself vanish and tried to set up / frame her husband Nick (Ben Affleck) for murder!!! On their 5th wedding anniversary!! She’s crazy!!! I love Rosamund Pike but I also hate her... I hate her cause she’s a psycho and a manipulative bitch! But I just love Rosamund Pike!! Even I would let her slit my throat after sex 😍 OMFG!!! This is just one of the best performances ever...!!!! Hands down. Her cool girl monologue is absolutely phenomenal, every word she says is breathtaking to hear, the editing also plays a massive part in that.  

Playing the victim - Ben Affleck is also great in ‘Gone Girl’ as the husband  who as just been described he is of course the main suspect in Pike’s character - Amy disappearance. His performance is definitely up there for him as one of his best. But saying that, his character isn’t as good as people will think he is, he has some secrets that he has hiding up his sleeve.

Tyler Perry and Neil Patrick Harris are both very good in the film but both of their performances are of course not talked about much due to Pike and Affleck. 

Of course the only person who could have made this was David Fincher... He just loves making films about psychopaths doesn’t he???? His dark style of filmmaking is phenomenal! Also what made this even better is the use of time. Showing us present day with Affleck’s after his wife “vanished” and showing us what Pile was doing in back in time - writing in her diary of events that happened, and also showing us what she was doing when she was supposed to be missing... 

And how her lifestyle gets into a lot of trouble like her neighbour stealing her money then asking NPH for help and then what she does to him to get back to Affleck. 

Once again in Fincher picked the right film project and made it dark, (definitely not as uncomfortable as TGWTDT was, but it’s still uncomfortable due to nature of the themes and messages that the film is sending out - marriage is bad 😂)  this one feels less darker than some of his other films in terms of lighting. This is definitely one of his best!!!! 

Think about it, this is currently his last film that he has done (this came out in 2014) hopefully we don’t have to wait much longer for his new film - Mank. The world needs Fincher again.

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