I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★★★

This was such..... I’m going to say it: a masterpiece of a film. I loved every minute of this unreliable narrated story of ice skater Tonya Harding.

And who plays Harding??? The beautiful Margot Robbie of course. Who else?? And she just knocks it out of the rink like a axel jump. And where’s her Oscar win at academy??? Hmmm. Yes, Frances McDormand was fantastic in ‘3 billboards’ but after watching this, my winner would have been Margot Robbie by a skate blade. Her performance is funny, powerful, phenomenal and entertaining & energetic. That’s because she is one of the best working.

The supporting cast here is great as well, Oscar winner for her role in the film - Allison Janney is brilliant along with moustache heavy Sebastian Stan.

The film itself is like broken up into 2 half’s. The first half of the film is all about Robbie’s Harding trying to make it as a ice skater and dealing with her abusing relationship with her mother (Janney) and her on and off relationship with her partner Geoff (Stan) with leads up to the axel jump scene.

While the second half deals with the “incident”, her relationship with Geoff becoming abusing, all the drama that followed, relationships becoming strained. I can see why people think the film’s tone is all over the place going from dark humour to a abuse scene, but the tone is perfect imo.

The writing is crisp. Each dark humour line is perfectly delivered by the actors, either in the film or when it goes to the “documentary scenes”. Each aspect of the script doesn’t skip a beat.

The soundtrack is phenomenal also! Each song fits perfectly into the right moment of the film.

How this wasn’t nominated and won more at the Oscars is shocking !!!!!

This isn’t a typical sports biopic, (yes it might be in some places) but with its dark humour, the story being told by it’s unreliable narrators it’s just a different way to tell the story. Also with tons of breaking the 4th wall moments. It just keeps the pacing going at a very quick speed and keeps the film being entertaining.

And also Margot Robbie......

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