Lightyear ★★★½

Buzz Lightyear to star command, come in, star command.

First time watching.

Odeon Luxe - Isense.

+ After being marooned on an strange planet, Space ranger Buzz Lightyear (Chris Evans) spends years attempting to find a way home. When he returns from his final voyage, he soon encounters an army of ruthless robots where the only help he has to stop them is an group of rookie rangers.

So, to not make people confused, this is the film that Andy saw back in 1995 which lead to toys being made of Buzz Lightyear that lead Andy getting one for his birthday.

Got that??

Let's get the elephant out if the room, the fact that Tim Allen isn't voicing Buzz. And honestly, the way the internet is going crazy about it is just pathetic. When toy companies make toys based on films, they have different people voicing the characters anyways. This is exactly the same case even though it's a film, TIM ALLEN VOICES THE TOY BUZZ AND CHRIS EVANS VOICES THE MOVIE BUZZ C'MON NOW... I mean Tom Hanks' brother voices Woody for all the irl merchandise stuff. But no one complains about that... 🤷🤷🤷

Moving on, in terms of Chris Evans taking over the mantle from Tim Allen, I think Evans does an very good job. His voice performance does slip back into Evans doing Captain America at certian moments but overall pretty impressed.

The other voice actors aren't as impressive and that's even including Taika Waititi being part of the cast. I mean he plays yet other annoying character that I don't like, THE STANDOUT out of the entire cast has to be Peter Sohn who voices Buzz's robot cat "SOX". And he steals the film, he gets all the best comedic lines, and he is just adorable 🥰🥰.

Most the humour does come from SOX like I just mentioned, but throughout the film the humour is constantly funny. Just little jokes being sprinkled in throughout just to keep it entertaining. And it worked for me, I was never bored.

It's not one of Pixar's best in terms of storytelling cause it's very safe and kinda weak. And it doesn't have those emotional beats one expect, so it depends on the comedy and the fact that it's an Buzz Lightyear lead film to carry itself.

It was nice to hear throwback lines from the 'Toy Story' franchise and when I heard those lines my mind just went away and focused on the scene from those films when they were spoken.

If you ever wanted what Star Wars/Trek, Interstellar would be like blended with elements from Pixar, then this would be a good recommendation from me. Saying that, this falls with the likes of 'Finding Dory', 'Monsters university' as a film that didn't really needed to be made in the first place, but there is still enjoyment to have.



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