Parasite ★★★★★

Rich people are naive. No resentment. No creases on them. 

Rating hasn’t changed. 

500th diary entry. 

Watched the B&W version. 

Like c’mon. What more can I say that hasn’t been said millions of times about this film????? 

Parasite is a film that only comes once in a lifetime. Once in a generation.

I directed to rewatch ‘Parasite’ for the 1 year celebration honour of their Oscar night. The night where they came and then they conquered. Winning the holy grail that is best picture.

The whole metaphor of the film is success and fortune are only reserved for those who deserves it whilst other people not in that position tries to climb onto the ladder doesn’t just refer to South Korea, Bong refers to the entire world. The widening gap of the rich and the poor. What he also shows us how both people of the scale lives, how they deal with social and financial issues. Bong plays with us, he makes a guessing game of which family in the film is actually the most rotten, the family that’s cunning who live in a basement, or the polar opposite family. The extents we go to have the best lives we can possibly have. 

This fully deserves the nominations it got and it fully deserves the wins it achieved. I can’t find a single fault with this film. And that’s a hard task to achieve. This is one in a few movies that doesn’t have any faults. Every shot is framed perfectly, it’s shot beautifully (it even looks more beautiful in B&W), the editing doesn’t miss a beat everything is edited on point. That helps the pace go unbelievable quick. Even with the plot twist that happens towards the end, the film makes you feel like there is some tension somewhere. 

The only thing I would say is that, I wish the actors got some recognition at the Oscars. Especially Kang-ho Song as Ki (the father of the poor family) I just hoped the academy nominated him or anyone in the film. Shame that didn’t happen. 

Bong has crafted a masterpiece that won’t be topped in its craftsmanship, filmmaking, praise, metaphorical messages. The way this film has impacted hundreds of thousands of people. The way it has left its footprint on films. The way it impacted awards season. A film without faults. A film that only comes once in a lifetime. ‘Parasite’ will never be topped.

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