Ran ★★★★

While this isn’t one of my favourite Kurosawa films. I can’t take away the grand scale that he bought for this film and bringing in Shakespeare’s King Lear for the story.

Once again Kurosawa made a great film to look at, with a great script with fantastic music. The big issue with this one that I have, is it lost me halfway through. I wasn’t invested in this as much as much of his other works.

The first half of the film is stronger than the second half imo. THE stand out from the first half is the assault on the fortress when it’s just the images that Kurosawa filmed and the music... No sound at all. That is phenomenal filmmaking right there!

Sadly after that it just lost me. Which is a real shame. For me THAT moment was the peak of the film.

The landscapes once again in Kurosawa’s films, are fantastic to look at. Proper paintings. Proper art. The colours is just brilliant. Some of the best use of colour I have seen.

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