Scream ★★★★½

What's your favourite scary movie??

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*Road to ‘Scream (2022)’.

+ An year after her Mother's death, teenager Sindey Prescott (Neve Campbell) , along with her friends are terrorzied by an new serial killer who uses horror films clichés to lure them into this deadly game of Cat and Mouse.

In preparation for the brand new entry that is being released this weekend, I'm going back and rewatching the 4 previous instalments, and it's the perfect time as I haven't watched these in years!!

The 'Scream' series is without an doubt my favourite horror franchise of all time. There's something special that makes it work where others fail. Like 'Halloween' did 20 years previously before, 'Scream' redefined the teen slasher genre for an new generation.

The reason why I bumped my rating up is that I completely forgot how much fun this film actually is. It's smart, it's witty, it's funny (one of my favourite line is when Gale shouts "GET OFF MY F*****G WINDSHIELD") the tension is perfect and the assembled cast is great. The little hints at other horror films such as music from 'halloween' is being used when the film itself is on TV. Iconic moments that I never noticed for example the 'Halloween' music as I only watched them for the first time last year. The little details that I've forgotten about makes it more interesting.

Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson crafted such an interesting take. Not being the most guesome film or the most stupidest film *cough 80's horror films cough* it's about being smart. The Teens are smart thus making the film smart, it's more of an murder myster film than an straight up slasher.

Many people thought that the slasher genre had long gone past its peak around the time that 'scream' released. But the opening sequence brought it back from the dead. Arguably one of the greatest opening scenes of all time. That isn't up for debate people. Drew Barrymore is great in her cameo appearance as Casey Becker and the filmmakers convincingly made us terrified, the tenson is constantly rising with the crank calls that Ghostface is making; the terror on Barrymore's face.

We have an unhinge performance from Matthew Lillard as Stu. "My Mom and Dad are going to be so mad at me" - what an line. The dude is just perfect.

Neve Campbell and Jamie Lee Curtis are the two greatest scream queens. Their characters aren't dumb or annoying. JLC was the first and original while NC brought the trait with some personality that has been missing since the days of JLC. Also want to thank 'Scream' because it developed one of my long lasting crushes to this day in Neve Campbell. God that woman is stunning. ❤️❤️

'Scream' is one of the most iconic horror films to ever be made. It pokes fun at the genre while trying to be something else. If you don't enjoy 'scream' then what's wrong with you ???

♻️ Next up - ‘Scream 2’



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