Skyfall ★★★★★

Let the sky fall.... 

Rating hasn’t changed. 

Probably the most prestige Bond film ever made, released in the 50th anniversary of Bond. 

I remember seeing this opening weekend back in 2012 (along with pretty much everyone else) and being suck in the Bond world with a great opening action sequence. The action throughout is choreographed and shot well due to Roger Deakins (more on him later). The action is filmed good by Sam Mendes.

Mendes bought Bond into prestige mode, this doesn’t feel like a typical Bond film. This definitely has the feel of a Oscar Winner being behind the helm. When it comes to the action, Mendes shoots it without shaky cam and edits it in a well paced manner  so we can see what is going on unlike in ‘Quantum of solace’ where it was all over the place.

People might say that Bond takes a lot of inspiration from other action films. But you could say that about any films. Right? So that can’t be a complain for me personally. 

One of the short action sequences is set in Shanghai and this is where the prestige part comes in. The cinematography is phenomenal, like the whole film, and that is down to Roger Deakins. The way he just lights each scene is phenomenal and a great choice to do a Bond film. His shadow effects is visually stunning. 

Javier Bardem villain is what Bond needs.... Being absolutely flamboyant and complex. Love his performance!! 

And this has the best Bond theme song in ‘Skyfall’ by Adele which she won a Oscar for it. ‘Live and let die’ is a close second imo. And speaking of music, I like Thomas Newman’s score. 

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