Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★½

Everywhere I go, I see his face.

Rating has changed from 4.5 down to 3.5 / 5

Following the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’, friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man embarks on a summer school vacation when new threats start creating havoc, forcing his plans to go on hold when Nick Fury starts calling for help.

‘Spider-Man: Far from home’ follows the patterns of a modern day Marvel film. It has the same beats as previous films, it doesn’t do anything much new.

Once again, this relies on the presence of Tony Stark. Even though he isn’t around anymore given the ending of ‘Endgame’. But like Vulture in ‘Homecoming’ we have another villain who Tony has pissed off. Whose motivations comes from that they want to release all of their anger & hate they have. So the story isn’t being original in someways, we saw an similar story already. I think the story is kinda messy with the message they trying to deliver. Peter doesn’t want to be the next Iron Man, Happy says Tony didn’t want Peter to be the next him, but Peter still uses Stark technology to build suits. I feel like it’s all over the place.

I feel like the humour in the first act is very forced and not funny, let’s be honest, on this rewatch the humour in general isn’t as good. There is still some hilarious moments, but sadly even those moments aren’t funny as they used to be. Some of the humour is cringe for example the scene where the woman tells Peter to change. That is a moment where it feels cringe and being forced at the same time.

Mysterio aka Quentin Beck played by Jake Gyllenhaal is easily the best part of the film. Period. If you know the character then you know how he’s gonna turn out, making it kinda predictable. I feel like we were on the edge with a ‘Nightcrawler’ unhinged performance, but just didn’t quite get there. But seeing Gyllenhaal in the MCU is something I never though would happen. Imo, the whole Mysterio illusion sequence in Berlin is one of the best sequences to come out of the MCU.

Oh. The mid credit scene where J.K Simmons shows up, the first time I saw it in the cinemas, I got more excited over this than Cap lifting Thor’s hammer.

While being more enjoyable than ‘Homecoming’, I feel like this rewatch has shown more problems of MCU Spidey, the humour is being forced, the repeated storyline, but there is still plenty of entertaining moments that makes me enjoy this more than ‘Homecoming’.

And now my MCU rewatch is FINALLY DONE. Now bring on ‘Shang-Chi’.

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